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Sell your old clothes in Chennai

All About RecycleMart

In November 2018, feeling disenchanted with my 9-to-5 job, I began brainstorming fresh ventures to explore. Numerous ideas swirled in my mind, prompting discussions with friends to seek their insights.

One particular notion captivated me: how could I sell my pre-owned clothes in Chennai? This concept consumed my thoughts, causing sleepless nights as I delved into research. My investigation not only focused on potential sales avenues but also explored sustainable solutions for used garments, championing environmental conservation.

Originally, I dubbed my initiative "Oldings" (a fusion of 'Old' and 'Things'). However, upon receiving feedback, my friends proposed "RecycleMart," aligning more closely with our mission of recycling and repurposing. 

Taking decisive steps, I secured a domain through GoDaddy and crafted an initial website using WIX. To garner feedback, I prepared a presentation for my friends, who expressed enthusiasm. However, the question remained: how to execute this vision? Enter my expertise in digital marketing. With over a decade of experience, I leveraged my skills by promoting our venture on platforms like Facebook, tapping into my established group, "Chennai Selling Point," boasting 18.3K followers.. 

Introducing RecycleMart: your go-to solution in Chennai for selling not just old apparel but also newspapers, metals, electronic waste, Paper, Plastics, Scan Film, Medicines and more. We're dedicated to enhancing your living space's cleanliness and sustainability.


Committed to exceeding customer expectations, our services are tailored for convenience and satisfaction. Reach out to RecycleMart, and transform your unused items into value today.

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