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Welcome to Recyclemart

Always at Your Service. Selling your old things now made easy with us.

Looking for old cloth buyers in Chennai, We are the one.
It is easy now, Fill out the form or WhatsApp us at 9344529472, our pick-up executive will call you and confirm the timing for the pickup. That's it you are all set. 

Old Clothe buyers in Chennai

Selling your used clothes in Chennai Made easy

On every occasion, we buy and use clothes on a regular basis. But in the 20th century, we tend to buy more clothes than actually what we want. 

In the growing e-commerce industry, Clothing is one of the top-selling categories. Most of the clothes bought online used only a few times. Either it will get smaller or tighter or the color will get faded. In our Indian culture, we don't usually throw our used clothes, either we use them for cleaning purposes or give them to our maid or relatives or orphanages. But sometimes it may become landfilled and pollute the environment.

The other side of the population can not even afford to buy clothes which are worth INR 100. Hence, we thought why do not we collect all the old clothes in Chennai and give them to the needy people. It is Recyclemart.

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